Chiron, Episode 1- December 2020

Genre: Children's

Retelling the stories of Mythology in a manner easily understandable to children at bedtime to teach morals and ethics. 

Abaddon, Draft 3- February 2020

Genre: Thriller/Fantasy

With Inspirations from Greek mythology, Two women awaken to find themselves travelling on a gondola along a river. When the tech geek leading the way sparks some troubling memories within the duo, they must themselves decide whether or not they are truly 'good' people.

Teddy- March 2019

Genre: Corporate Video

In a platformer game world, the only way to escape the monsters is to reduce your carbon emissions. Will Teddy guide you through ways to save energy and get the exit key in time to escape?

Welcome To The Jungle- November 2018

Genre: Music Video

A new take on Guns & Roses' Welcome to The Jungle based upon the lyrics and feel of the song. This is only the first draft.

B&Q Christmas- December 2018

Genre: Advertisement 

With the meaning of Christmas in much debate, family is important. After a deaf young girl discovers a stray dog, her and her father's broken relationship is restored with the help of B&Q supplies.

Mr. Blue Sky- September 2018

Genre: Music Video

A sad, yet cheery look into the mind of a white collar worker's life to the tune of Mr. Brightside. (First Draft)