Audio Engineering

Audio Assignment Submission


I was given the raw on-location audio and had to clean up and construct all of the audio for this scene around that audio.

Last Shot Audio Reconstruction


I muted all of the audio for the animation and reconstructed all of the sound from scratch using Foley, spot effects and royalty free music .

It's by no means perfect but I think I did a pretty good job with it!

The Radioverse Podcast

By Justin Morton
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21/08/18- Present

Written and Directed by published Author, Justin Morton, The Radioverse Podcast is a series of short, Sci-fi/horror themed audio dramas. From spacemen with alien monkey friends to a family on a road trip gone wrong. You'll never be trapped in the same world again with this hidden gem of a podcast.

What Do I Do?

I both Produce and Edit this Podcast. I proof-read the scripts and give them to the actors, then when the lines have been recorded, I put them all together into a story with music and SFX. 

Don't Take it from me!

The Call of The Flame Podcast

By Kurt Peterson
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20/07/18- Present

An epic fantasy, in Audio Drama format. The journey of Bri, and her travels along with her Orc, Elvan, Dwarven, and Halfin companions as she seeks to redeem her father, for murdering the Chieftan of Gods, and restore the balance of magic in the world.

What Do I Do?

I co-edit this podcast. I put together dialogue and then add layers upon layers of SFX before the other editor refines and polishes the work.

Don't Take it from me!

How's Your Business Podcast

By Jasmine Douglas
10/04/18- 04/07/18

Ever wondered what a Soul Midwife was? In this sadly discontinued and rather short-lived podcast, host, Jasmine Douglas interviews people with all kinds of crazy jobs!

What Did I Do?

I cut out the ums and equalised the audio as well as cutting the video and images together.


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