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企業文化 Culture

企業文化 Culture

First of all,we want to acknowledge everyone’s constant caring and supporting of Jiangsu Golden Autumn Industrial Trading Co,.LTD.
Golden Autumn has been in the industry for more than 20 years since it was established in 1991. Under the complex and changeable economic circumstances, we are determined to break through and dare to innovate facing difficulties and challenges. .After several times of reformations, we have expanded our product category, enlarged the capacity and strengthened the competitiveness. All staffs in Golden Autumn are encouraged to not only make concerted efforts with full of passion to make sure the company developing constantly but also take part in public welfare and contribute to the social development.
Golden Autumn always pays attention to the creation of the enterprise culture and the cultivation of talents. We concentrate on providing a environment of work hard, live happily for our staffs. We always believe that The extreme of simplicity is excellence and the extreme of innovation will change that world.
Our partners have explored their potential and achieved self-worth with the continuous positive help from Golden Autumn.We have an efficient team,which is also a united, innovated and cooperative team.We always believe that the biggest fortune is not the brand itself but the creativity of the team. As innovation is the motivator for the company development.
The 2013 is a year of growing,a year of advancing bravely,a important year of breaking through.Thank everyone for their concerning about Golden Autumn for several years again,we will create a new image of Golden Autumn with more firm pursuit, more persistent innovation concept,more dedicated service consciousness and a more efficient group.
For further development and close cooperation, let's work together and extend our business!